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13 Max TV

 Posted on November 3, 2015, and last modified on 3 months ago.

The channel was founded on June 30, 1965, by Messrs. Jorge Félix Gómez and Carlos Antonio Smith, and was the first television station in that city and in the northeast region. At the same time, the channel is the central component of multimedia formed by the radio stations: Radio Provincia de Corrientes (AM 900 kHz) and Radio Capital (FM 95.3 MHz).

It has a potential reception of more than a million people in the provinces of Chaco, Corrientes, and the north of the Province of Santa Fe, at the same time becoming the main competitor of its neighboring pair, Channel 9 of Resistencia. The channel, in addition to having its own content in its programming, retransmits part of the programming of the Telefe network.


LT 80 TV Canal 13 de Corrientes was born on June 30, 1965, at the initiative of former army captain Jorge Félix Gómez and his partner Carlos Antonio Smith, who in 1963 had presented themselves as bidders to the tender for the same license, which finally they obtained presenting themselves as a company, under the name of Río Paraná SRL.

After obtaining the tender, the installation of the transmission plant would begin, which was located in its current location. The arrival of the channel in that neighborhood (close to the Tipoití ginning plant), would cause its name change to be called "Barrio Canal 13", as well as the main street of the transmitting station, which would also adopt the name of the station, finally remaining the address of the channel set as Calle Canal 13 n ° 350. 1With many difficulties, as well as much effort, the channel would begin to take shape little by little.

Among the present difficulties, the lack of production of components, as well as the inexistence of imports, led to the hiring of specialized personnel for this purpose. This was how thanks to the contribution of the partners of Río Paraná SRL, as well as the fundamental work of the engineers Saccone and Huller, it was possible to develop a high-gain transmitting antenna, which would have unique characteristics in the region.

With all these tools, the first broadcasts of Channel 13 began in the city. However, the little diffusion that television had in the city, made this means of communication a privilege for a few, which would lead Smith and Gómez to install a television sales shop, to equip the homes of the city ​​with this new way of communicating. In this way, a new stage in the life of the city ​​of Corrientes began, as well as in the Northeast region.