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La Red

 Posted on November 3, 2015, and last modified on 1 month ago.

About La Red

We are a TV channel and a digital platform always connected with the earthly world and social networks. We look at society without veils, head-on, and with eyes wide open.

We define ourselves from the plurality of views and tolerance for different and divergent views. We believe that the addition is always more than subtraction. We are inclusive because we like to be included.

We propose free communication, a high-minded debate in which all the elements come together to generate an informed opinion. Without biases, without beliefs, without tendencies ... An opinion where we can know all the looks, all the edges, all the elements.

We are part of the Albavisión conglomerate. We are Chilean and we want to contribute to building a better country, a better life in which we can entertain, connect, laugh, get excited ... Together.