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Watch CETV 1 online

Watch CETV 1 online from China without cable TV or satellite?
You no longer need a cable TV subscription to watch. You can now use our service stream without having cable TV or satellite subscription. You can even watch on your TV! This is the best way for you to watch television online.


 Posted on June 15, 2014, and last modified on 3 months ago.

It is the only satellite channel that enjoys the same policy support as with CCTV-1 and is also the only satellite channel that covers more than 2,000 colleges and universities, more than 400,000 primary and secondary schools through ChinaSat 9, ChinaSat 6B and Apstar 6 transmission. Above 92% of users have joined cable TV and about 971 million people are covered.

CETV mainly publicizes the communist party and national education policies in the form of educational culture programs, public service programs, and campus fashion programs.