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TV Agro

 Posted on June 15, 2014, and last modified on 1 month ago.


We are a subscription television channel for Latin America, specially designed to educate and inform in an entertaining way everything related to the agricultural sector, highlighting social responsibility and respect for the environment.


Tv Agro is the television channel dedicated to the production and broadcast of audiovisual material 24 hours a day, documenting the agricultural sector in a comprehensive and targeted manner; updating and training those who develop agricultural and livestock activities within the sector, always promoting the importance of the field globally.


By 2025 we will continue to be the leading agricultural television channel in Latin America; standing out for the excellent quality in content, image, and sound; and achieving greater recognition in the agricultural sector. We visualize ourselves as a channel of the great insertion in the different digital platforms and mobile devices, where our viewers will be able to see our content interactively.