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La Xarxa

 Posted on October 25, 2015, and last modified on 2 months ago.

The Xarxa de Comunicació Local is a multimedia platform to support local audiovisuals that aims to respond to the needs of the sector and contribute to its revitalization created in October 2012 by the Barcelona Provincial Council. Works in direct coordination with the media adhered premises (48 televisions and 135 local radios), for whom it makes available a wide catalog of services.

The main one is the content offer, which is designed jointly with the adhered media in order to maximize co-production with all of them. An action criterion that aims, on the one hand, to increase the visibility of local audiovisual content, distributing it to the set of adhered media and thus expanding the potential audience; and, on the other, to stimulate the sector economically.

The XAL also coordinates the Xarxa Televisions (channel 159 of Movistar +), a plural channel that gives maximum prominence to the content of the 48 local television stations in the country, prioritizing proximity and uniqueness. Movistar + channel 159 offers programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The content offers pivots on information, dissemination, and entertainment. La Xarxa coordinates a large part of the proximity channels, making information coverage of the entire territory available to all members in real-time.

The magazines live on TV play an important role: 'Ben trobats', '1mó', '' and radio 'La afternoon' four windows to the culture and heritage of the country, made by and with the adhered televisions and radios. Sport is also very present, in a firm commitment to covering the local and regional disciplines and categories, which generate a lot of interest and which usually do not have large media.

There is also no shortage of live broadcasts of major cultural events such as FiraTàrrega, Gala de Los Premis Butaca, Canet Rock, the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic ... as well as the most prominent popular festivals and relevant series such as Comtes, Perseguits I Salvats, Jazz cycle, etc.

Content with a local accent is offered by means of the territory that echo what is happening in the municipalities and that can be seen live or on-demand. Contents that are distributed through different channels so that the local media choose when and how they want to broadcast them.