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2 Rives TV

 Posted on September 12, 2017, and last modified on 4 months ago.

The action

2 RIVES TV is an educational and intercultural thematic television channel in French and Arabic approved by the CSA. Its mission is to produce and disseminate cultural and educational programs.

The problem

In France, out of ignorance, Arab culture is often overlooked, fantasized, interpreted. Who indeed knows Averroès or Abbas Ibn Firnas? Thus, this ancestral culture and its language, are perceived only in a unilateral, religious, and/or "media" way creating paradigms and consequently: Breaking of the social bond, withdrawal into oneself, discriminatory acts, radicalization, and populist surges.

The solution

Education and culture have no boundaries, neither geographic nor mental.

2 RIVES TV's mission is to unite the Mediterranean countries around an unprecedented educational and cultural TV media, showing positive Euro-Mediterranean citizen actions in a solidarity and social economy approach. The idea is to create bridges and tear down the walls.

Strengthen the social bond between all the cultures of the Mediterranean by promoting citizen actions through two central languages ​​of this bridge between the 2 shores of the Mediterranean: Arabic and French.

Decompartmentalize by bringing together viewers around Euro-Mediterranean programs in order to recreate this link/commonplace between cultures.