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Watch Neo Epsilon TV online

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Neo Epsilon TV

 Posted on December 7, 2018, and last modified on 5 months ago.

This is a new TV channel, which began its vigorous steps in June and is expected to expand fully by September, with the new television season also starting.

His first concern is to get close to the viewer and to cover his need, both for his valid and impartial information and for his entertainment.

Thus, the first anchor of the channel, both informative and entertaining, was raised and traveled to the receivers.

The channel's daily live program includes both informative and entertaining broadcasts from early morning until late afternoon.

The weekend's live program keeps you entertained with fun shows.

In a time of turbulent television landscape and in the midst of a crisis and great aggression from the competition, since its founding in 2013, it has managed with smart moves and an alternative form of program to immediately gain the trust of the TV audience and a large market share while receiving highly praiseworthy comments from the press as well.

With the right management that it showed, EPSILON TV, stood dynamically among the then "giants" of Greek television, having healthy financial data, which proved to be extra profitable even during its sale.

EPSILON TV started its course and was established very quickly, by a team that loves television and, above all, knows television.

It is a television channel that has taken a strong step forward and is fully developed to this day.