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Berita Satu TV

Berita Satu TV

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Watch Berita Satu TV online

 Posted on June 15, 2014, and last modified on 2 weeks ago.


Berita Satu TV
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Berita Satu (formerly QTV and Q Channel) is an Indonesian talk channel that was established in early 1998 by PT Jaring Data Interaktif. Much of the channel's content is targeted towards Indonesian executives and the influential upper-income segment of society. Aimed at decision-makers, the channel mostly features talk shows and infotainment programs related to business, economy, politics, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Berita Satu TV is a news site and blog published by BeritaSatu Media Holdings which has advantages in multi-cycle, multi-platform, multi-lingual and multi-brand news.

Berita Satu TV is an Indonesian-language site that places itself as a friend for readers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We work to provide information to the public with the highest standards of journalism by upholding the integrity, objectivity, impartiality, and accuracy of the news.

One TV News appears different by promoting the other side of the news, in addition to the speed of the news so that our news is more diverse. One TV News is the only news site that marries events and facts on an altar of the same page.

For that reason, on every News One TV channel, we always present reader opinions in the form of blogs as an inseparable part of all our editorial team's work.