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Cahaya TV Banten

 Posted on October 31, 2015, and last modified on 3 months ago.

Operates on UHF channel 26, covering an area of the broadcasting city of Tangerang, Tangerang, Serang Regency, Lebak, Serang, and Cilegon with the signal strength of up to 10 kilowatts. CTV Banten has the motto of Light for the Family.

CTV Banten presents news, music, infomercial, health, religious, features, entertainment, culinary, and children's programs with informative, entertaining, and educational programs. CTV Banten already has quality human resources and has experience in the media and broadcasting fields.

Transmitters, stations, and operational offices are fused as a seriousness to become a medium of information and entertainment for families, which brings enlightenment and progress. Starting January 1, 2004, CTV Banten broadcasts 18 hours every day starting at 06.00 WIB until 00.00 WIB. There are several news programs, such as Hallo Banten Pagi, Hallo Banten Malam, Banten News Room (BNR), Beja Ti Lembur (news program in Sundanese Banten ), I am Indonesian ( feature program ), and CTV Sport. This television station is a member of the CTV Network network.