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TV3 Tangerang

 Posted on October 31, 2015, and last modified on 3 weeks ago.

From Wikipedia

To fully support the emancipation of women in today's developments, TV3 was born which will provide information and knowledge for Banten women. Not only that, TV3 intends to immediately support progress in socializing in the environment. Starting with broadcasting in Kota Tangerang and its surroundings, TV3 will accompany Banten women to achieve success in this life.

TV3 is here to participate and emancipate providing positive information that supports the community and the Government in instilling positive, modern, forward thoughts without leaving the cultures that have become the traditions of the Banten area, especially for young women and supporting development in facing the era of globalization of development Banten Province, especially the Tangerang area.

Initially, TV3 was a network of SUN TV. However, in 2011 TV3 separated from SUN TV and officially became the brother of CTV Banten. Then set as a network from the CTV Network. When TV3 became the network of the CTV Network, TV3 changed its concept from family television to women only television.