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 Posted on October 28, 2015, and last modified on 4 weeks ago.


Jinvani Channel
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The entire world is like a global village today where the term ‘impossible’ has no existence. We have achieved what we have sought for. Whether it was the path-breaking accomplishment of reaching the space or a major breakthrough in developing the human clone…

We have proved our mettle in every sphere of life with a bang. But, all these good things have brought some challenges along, which, in the form of evils like violence and corruption, are posing a great threat to our existence.

With the objective to save the humanity from this chaotic situation, world’s first satellite channel solely dedicated to the Digambar sect of Jain religion, ‘Jinvani’ is all set to transcend into a revolutionary era by expanding its wing all across the world.

The move is directed at bringing to the people the philosophy of ahimsa (non-violence) propagated by Lord Mahavira, and providing to the whole world an insight into the true way of living so that the entire humankind can begin with its search for peace and truth. And ‘Jinvani’ is a revolutionary attempt in this regard.

Under the aegis of Jain Telemedia Services Ltd of the parent company Sea TV Network Ltd, Jinvani, launched on 9th December 2011, tries to ascertain that the people receive regularly the required dose of wisdom packed in our minutely designed programs.

It will offer a series of programs aimed at unfolding the mysteries of life one by one. Spiritual discourses by Jain Saints1, scientific analysis of Jain scriptures and ways to achieve inner and mental peace and enlightenment will try to simplify your perception towards life.

We know that it is not a cakewalk to live up to the expectations of one and all, especially those inhabiting abroad, but with the help of acclaimed Jain Gurus and our skilled team, we will certainly succeed in gratifying the spiritual needs of the entire global population.

Jinvani Channel, a spritual TV channel is first world’s devotional channel based on JAINISM. It was launched on 9, December 2011.

The spritual and religious speeches of God Jinendra is known as Jinvani.

Jinvani Channel telecast the thoughtful programs, bhajans, documentaries that promotes peace, harmony, and non-violence. The channel transforms the mindset of the people and purify their soul to give them a new perspective or sight where they can think about the society as a whole and can work for the betterment of the society.

It aims to provide the authentic knowledge, correct faith and ethical conduct for attaining the liberation of the soul.

Our aim is to spread the message of non-violence towards all living beings. Through Jinvani Channel we want to spread happiness all over the world so that the people get mental peace and understand the aim of their life.