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MiracleNet TV

 Posted on December 10, 2018, and last modified on 4 months ago.


In 1998 Miraclenet started the pioneer Christian TV network for all of Asia. We first started on a cable TV company in Chennai, India with 40,000 homes. There was nothing like it on the air and everyone was talking about it.

Our viewers were receiving miracles just watching Miraclenet.  One of many, many stories is about the famous heart surgeon in Chennai that had a heart attack and had to have open-heart surgery.

He was told that he could never work again.  He stayed home and watched Miraclenet all day long. After one year he was totally healed and went back to work as a heart surgeon.

Cable TV operators received prayer and one was going blind and his eyes were healed. He then immediately put us on his cable tv network and it was a national company that put us into millions of homes.

Another president of a national cable tv network had a heart attack and he was healed. That company also put Miraclenet on in millions of homes all over India.

We have been carried all over Indonesia and Malaysia by cable tv networks showing the miracle-working love of Jesus Christ. The letters and phone calls poured in about blind eyes being healed in front of their tv’s. The deaf heard, cripples started walking, leprosy, cancer and aides were healed, people watching Miraclenet would pass out (touched by the power of God) and wake up healed fully of joy and love.

We received permission from the leaders of China to temporarily be received in Bejing, China. We received thousands of letters of gratitude and encouragement from all over Asia from every country imaginable.

From the beginning, Miraclenet has been committed to helping orphans.  We have fed over 24 million meals to orphans in India and some in China and helped with their education and health care.

We are now focusing on the whole world and on reaching everyone by the internet so they can watch and receive God’s miracles on their cell phones and computers.  We have been received in over 119 countries on the internet.  This has and is being done by the loving grace of Jesus Christ.