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Al-Manar TV

Al-Manar TV

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 Posted on October 31, 2015, and last modified on 3 weeks ago.


Al-Manar TV
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Al-Manar is a public media channel, which is a Lebanese joint-stock company duly registered and holder of the required legal licenses within the laws in force. The procedure began its terrestrial transmission in 1991, and the space in 2000, and it unified its terrestrial and satellite broadcasts on the first day of the month of Ramadan 2014. One of the slogans it adopted for itself the Arabs and Muslims channel.

According to our vision, Al-Manar will be the leading channel in the coming years to keep abreast of hot events in the Arab region, especially the question of Palestine, and to support the Palestinian people in their stolen rights, focusing on facing projects of conquest, domination and occupation and their tools.

Al-Manar Media Channel will work to:

  • Attention to the issues of the weak, and the nation’s revival in the face of arrogance and its Zionist project, and in the face of takfiris.
  • She has set for herself since its inception a distinct line that reflects the pulse of the street and the nation and its central and just causes, first and foremost the question of Palestine.
  • Keeping pace with the victories of the resistance since the 1990s, through liberation in 2000, until the victory of July 2006.
  • Her message focuses on the values of faith, knowledge, morals, preserving human dignity, and attaching unity, dialogue, convergence and cooperation between the followers of the divine religions and human civilizations of the necessary importance.
  • Her work focuses on observing public taste, keeping pace with technological development, adherence to professional values, and the media honor code.
  • It provides creative and attractive media and knowledge material, by adopting professional media standards in its news and programs within the laws and customs and international regulations in force. With screen and website.
  • She addresses Arabs and Muslims in all countries of the world with an open monotheistic discourse, pursues objective policies, and avoids in her handling of events incidents of vulgar excitement.

With the grace of God Almighty, she was able, in a short period, to occupy a "pioneering" position in the Arab media space, and to attract a wide audience of Arab viewers in the homeland and countries of alienation, relying on credibility and clarity of vision.

Al-Manar also faced many emerging challenges, including the French decision to ban its broadcast, the American decision to classify Al-Manar, then the war crime committed by Israel against Al-Manar’s aggression against Lebanon in 2006, when the main building was bombed, and stations distributed in more than one area in Lebanon.

However, the working groups had the firm belief that enabled the channel to continue broadcasting in the most difficult circumstances and thus formed part of the great victory of Lebanon, and a model of media resilience in the face of Zionist terrorism.