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Perviy Pridnestrovskiy

 Posted on October 23, 2015, and last modified on 3 months ago.

About channel

At the end of 1991, the Government and the Supreme Council of the PMR made a decision to create a state television of the PMR. In March 1992, the staff of the television editorial staff was 12 people. Broadcasting was carried out only on cable networks. News releases were broadcast 2 and then 3 times a week and fulfilled the main task assigned to the team: to inform the population about the events taking place in the republic in a timely and reliable manner.

At the same time, the State Committee for Information and Press, chaired by Boris Akulov, was deciding the issue of broadcasting, carried out on August 9, 1992. The staff has increased to 30 people, and the channel is headed by an experienced specialist Lyudmila Shulga. The program included not only daily news but also weekly sports and regular literary programs.

At the same time, documentaries were created on TV. The first film by Lyudmila Shulga appeared during the hostilities to defend the sovereignty of the PMR back in 1992. In 1993 there were already 23 of them. The "Documentary Screen" editorial office was actively working. In 1997, the first and so far the only feature film "Dollar for a rainy day" in the republic was created on television, the author and director are Lyudmila Shulga.

Since May 1993, TV PMR, according to the adopted law on languages, began broadcasting in three state languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian and Moldavian. The original broadcasting network expanded from the initial 40 minutes per week to 400 minutes per week.

Since 1994, TV has been actively working creatively. Permanent children's programs appeared, first in Ukrainian, and then in Russian and Moldovan. Since 1995 - youth. They raised serious problems of the younger generation, conducted aesthetic and patriotic education.

Constantly engaged in the process of professional training of personnel, we have mastered all genres of television art. Since 1994, on the PMR TV, on the initiative of the first director Igor Nikitenko (until 2012), advertising activities have also been mastered. This allowed television and other structural subdivisions of the Committee for Information and Press to independently solve a number of financial problems: supply of stationery, repair of vehicles, and television equipment.

In parallel with the creative potential, the technical equipment of the State Television also changed. Five video cameras and three editing complexes could not provide preparation for the broadcast of the expanded broadcasting network. Large-scale technical re-equipment with the transition to digital technology took place in 2000.

From the first day of its creation, the television was also closely involved in the formation of an archive, which collected both professional and amateur footage of the "pre-television" period of the creation and formation of the republic. Tracking the course of events in Transnistria and the countries of the near and far abroad, television saved and systematized the events captured on videotape. Today the archive of TV PMR contains about 4000 hours of video material.

The state television of the PMR today is assembly complexes, a hardware-studio block, sound and video recording studios, computer and editorial rooms, technical services.

The work of the editorial board of information and political programs, broadcasting in Russian, is presented somewhat broader than the activities of other divisions. The number of programs produced in Russian is about 22 per week. The Ukrainian and Moldovan editions together produce eleven programs a week. Also, thematic programs in three state languages ​​are being prepared for holidays and solemn dates.

Since September 2005, the PMR Television channel has been renamed into the First Republican TV Channel. We cooperate with news services of a number of Russian TV channels: Channel One, TVC, Zvezda, Mir, Russia, Vesti-24.

In January 2012, Irina Olegovna Dementyeva was appointed director of the TV PMR State Institution.

Since August 31, 2012, the State Institution "TV PMR" and the State Institution "Radio PMR" have been merged into the State Institution "Pridnestrovian State Television and Radio Company".

In November 2014, the Novosti Pridnestrovya news agency became part of the PGTRK State Institution.

On January 20, 2015, Tatyana Viktorovna Syarova was appointed as Acting Director of the PGTRK State Institution.

On December 15, 2016, Igor Semenovich Nikitenko was officially appointed director of the PGTRK State Institution.