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Arges TV

 Posted on May 15, 2015, and last modified on 5 months ago.

Argeş Tv, the only local television in Piteşti with its own 24-hour program, is received in 6 cities in Argeş county: Piteşti, Curtea de Argeş, Mioveni, Campulung Muscel, Ştefăneşti and Topoloveni.

Arges TV is received through 4 cable networks: RDS & RCS, TVCS, CLARION TV, and AKTA TV.

Through the cable network RDS & RCS, which serves most of Arges county, the television Arges TV is received in the cities: Pitesti, Curtea de Argeş, Mioveni, Câmpulung Muscel and in the adjacent rural area, respectively: Mărăcineni, Bascov, Bradu, Oarja.

ARGEŞ TV is a 24-hour television program of its own, the only product of its kind on the Pitesti media market.

The Argeş TV grid includes news bulletins, at 16:30, 20:30, and 22:30. The newspaper at 20:30 is the main one and represents the strong point of Arges TV. The human resources of the newsroom and the technical equipment contribute to the realization of complete newsletters, with the latest events and with a consistent sport heading, as Piteşti, the city of the great Dobrin deserves.

They found their place in the Argeş TV grid the famous matches of FC Argeş and the programs of maximum interest for the target audience: health, local administration, leisure time, motoring ...

Viewers will have a non-stop phone number available to them. Contact news editors to report events that may become news, an investigation, a report. By involving the journalists Argeş TV in the situations reported and through their media, the information and awareness of the authorities in the power of solving these problems will be tried.