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Watch Kanal 10 Sverige online

Watch Kanal 10 Sverige online from Sweden without cable TV or satellite?
You no longer need a cable TV subscription to watch. You can now use our service stream without having cable TV or satellite subscription. You can even watch on your TV! This is the best way for you to watch television online.

Kanal 10 Sverige

 Posted on October 30, 2015, and last modified on 2 weeks ago.

The channel intends that all programs transmitted either have Swedish speech or text. The channel is free of charge and funded by advertising, private donations, and donations from churches, communities, and congregations.


The channel has an ecumenical stance and is therefore not governed by any specific Protestant community or movement. The range of programs varies between, among other things, church services and children's programs. Most of the material that is broadcast is pre-recorded material, but for example, the channel's own "café nights" are usually broadcast live, as are some Christian conferences. The channel also broadcasts feature films, debates, youth programs, music programs, and prayer programs.


Channel 10 is distributed via satellite and can be received free (without a subscription) from Astra 4A (Sirius) with a normal-sized satellite dish. In practice, this means that, for example, Viasat's satellite customers can receive the channel in addition to their paid Viasat offering. The channel is at the transponder frequency 11996 and has polarization Horizontal. Symbol Rate is 27500 and FEC 3/4.

When it comes to cable TV, the channel is available as a pay channel in Comhem's network, but also in some smaller cable TV networks like in Närpes and Solf.