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SET News

 Posted on September 29, 2018, and last modified on 4 weeks ago.

Want to see the first-hand information and hottest news in the Internet circle? Sanli News Network can meet your needs. The most diverse cross-ping news program belongs to your first portal of Taiwan News "Sanli News Network" Only for you.

TV stations ranked No. 1 in new media, Comscore's top ten websites across the station, and Alexa entered the top 400 in the world. "SETN Sanli News Network" was established on November 12, 2013. It is the first online news platform in Taiwan that integrates perfectly with TV. It integrates live broadcast, audio and video, interaction, and community, integrates daily major domestic and foreign news, political analysis, international situation, social focus, entertainment gossip, and various social websites. The most popular online articles in discussions, together with special features from various professional fields, combined with Sanli News Station and Sanli iNEWS news and program highlights, provide netizens with analysis of trends and provide diversified perspectives.

"Entertainment Star News" includes dynamic reports of artists and young girls from across the Taiwan Strait, Japan, and South Korea, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Chinese opera, video trailers, and exciting pictures of Hualiu. It also provides information on recent star-chasing activities.

"What are the girls doing?" Provide a variety of short videos suitable for girls to watch, so that girls of various personalities can find programs suitable for their viewing. You can find attractions for holiday trips in the movie, and you can watch them with your boyfriend. The way people get along, "What are girls doing" cares about the little things that happen in girls' various lives.

Accurately analyze the real-time housing market pulsation, take care of decoration and housekeeping, view the latest construction of online housing, and the guidance of residential feng shui masters to take you to buy a good house and settle into happiness.

Provide 24HR uninterrupted webcasts, allowing you to watch the news live, entertain directly, meet fans, and chat with celebrities.

The largest game trial platform for Chinese S5 games, and provides the most abundant click-to-play H5 games, market observation x new product news x new work trials x test reviews x player reviews, flagship content contains the latest and fastest game news in the world The most detailed development information, professional evaluation and player voice of all types of games.

Enjoy it! Let's travel! The meaning of travel is only known to me! Find someone willing to travel with you. Why travel? What is travel for you? Maybe after the trip, the world will not change because of this, but the important thing is that our heads have changed and the world has changed since then.