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CNL Ukraina

 Posted on October 29, 2015, and last modified on 4 weeks ago.


CNL was founded in 2000 and broadcast on the largest cable networks in the city of Almaty (Kazakhstan) since 2002 it began broadcasting via satellite.

The CNL audience is a Russian-speaking population living from Siberia and Central Asia to Israel, North Africa, Europe, and America. Viewers have access to programs on Christian topics of an educational, scientific, and educational, evangelistic nature, news, children's, and music programs.

Most of the broadcasters and authors of programs are well-known all over the world preachers, teachers, evangelists, priests. The goal of the TV channel is to give Christian teachings through entertaining and inspiring forms of television broadcasting in order to bring life and hope to people's lives, thereby changing society, raising its moral and spiritual level.

The first step towards making CNL multilingual was the opening of the CNL-Ukraine channel in Ukrainian on November 10, 2007. It is broadcast from the Amos-2 satellite. CNL TV channel sees its future not only in the expansion of the broadcasting zone, but also in the implementation of numerous projects, such as the opening of the CNL Deutsch TV channels, Children TV, Preacher TV, and its own animation studio. The CNLNEWS news agency has been launched and is actively functioning, informing CNL viewers about all the interesting events of the Christian world taking place in different countries.