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3 Angels

 Posted on February 23, 2015, and last modified on 3 months ago.

Our mission

The cognitive television channel “Three Angels” is a television channel that embodies the social mission of television. The work of the TV channel is aimed at reviving a healthy lifestyle, traditional family and spiritual values, tolerance, and respect between people in modern society. Our TV programs are based on traditional Christian values.

Satellite channel "Three Angels" 

The television company “Three Angels” was established in 1992. Our television content and the work of each employee are aimed at developing tolerance, harmony, harmony, and respect between people. It is important for us that in modern society the moral and spiritual principles of life are valued. To achieve these goals, since 2013 we broadcast on the Yamal-401 satellite. Since 2017, we have been broadcasting on two new satellites Express-AT1 and Express-AT2.

The content of most TV programs on modern television is saturated with aggression and anger. In pursuit of profit, often the owners of TV channels forget about the social mission of television. The video programs of the “Three Angels” TV channel are called to correct this situation.

Unlike a number of religious television companies, our TV programs contain not only thoughts on spiritual topics. Special attention is paid to informative and interesting information for all ages about culture, relationships between men and women, healthy and healthy nutrition, upbringing, and education of children.

The television programs of the channel “Three Angels” are distinguished by a high level of morality. Judging by the feedback from the audience, television content is in demand, it does not leave people indifferent. Our TV programs cover all groups of people: children and the elderly, youth and middle age, working and housewives. Every week we receive hundreds of letters of gratitude from our viewers.

The partners of the Three Angels television channel are 56 regional television companies broadcasting our television programs on their air.