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Millennium TV USA

 Posted on October 23, 2015, and last modified on 1 month ago.


As s news broadcast media station, Millennium TV USA’s goal, through quality content, is to some as the catalyst that takes audiences beyond the ordinary. Based on New York City, One of the most diverse cities of the world; Millennium TV, 24/7 broadcast media, entertains, educates, and engages the south Asian people throughout the world through daily news, views, entertainment programs (Disney show, Movies, Cartoons), religious programs and programs for all ages, some of the current programs include: The Daily Bangla and English News, Weekly Probash News focusing on communities abroad, Headline News, Millennium Top Charts on Music every day’s Movie time and so on. using digital technology and advanced graphics Millennium Tv’s screen become brighter and more attractive. Currently, Millennium TV USA can be accessed through HoraizonSat(Asia, Europe, Africa) Apple TV, Ruku, Amazon Fire TV, Jadoo TV, Sky Cable, Star Cable, My Cable, World Cable, Desh Cable,, Radiant IP TV, BTV Network and CineFun TV. Millennium TV Channel is also available on YouTube and we will expand.

Millennium TV USA adheres to the highest ethical standards and values of society and cast news with objectivity, integrity, and absolute professionalism. Although we started out brand new, we’re winning lien viewers all the time. ”Worldwide Bangla” with this board mission. our dream is to inspire a billion imaginations with a new idea of what is possible and a new sense of who they can be. its what we strive for every day. and, with your help and cooperation, we can achieve more for our communities and represent the beautiful south Asian culture to the younger generation, encouraging them to contribute to the well being of their own people! We would also love it. You promote Millennium TV USA to your known people, community, and business and also allow us to serve you and your business through Millennium TV USA to the rest of the World.